Artisanal photo album

There are many moments of your wedding you want to remember, and thanks to the photos you can live them again and again, even many years later.

Looking at the pictures one by one on a screen, however, is something different than holding a curated artisanal album, and the layout we choose for your story will give a great value to every single photo, creating pages that tell a very unique story: yours.

If we consider a photo as an instant printed on paper, every page of the album becomes a set of moments that once sorted and arranged will be meaningful to you and will remember a story about you, your feelings about that day and about everyone who was with you.

And that’s why for us your photo album is not a less important service, but a goal in the creative process. The album is the synthesis of our work, what keeps your memories safe.

This is what makes us creating very customized handmade photo albums. Working together with skilled artisans that create every part of it, we give you the chance to choose every material and detail.

Paper, wood, fine tissues for covers, bindings, prints, engravings, embroideries, everything is curated in every detail, so that you can experience your story through a high-quality product.

You can choose from three kind of artisanal album: classic album, photobook album or box album. The box album is, as the name suggests, a handmade box that contains prints glued to cards. You can ask for customized works, wood, tissue or eco-leather.

Every album is a unique piece of work and that’s the point in working with artisans that create themselves every album.

Here you’ll find some of the album created.

Do you want to see other works or ask us to create your own album? All you have to do is to contact us.